In Poozerie you can change the status of a breadwinner to the status of a hunter, who can bring a real bag. There are all necessary conditions in Poozerie for hunters: hunting grounds with the total area 27,2 thousand hectare, advanced huntsmen, experts in gamekeeping, all necessary equipment for hunting from the tower or rounding up hunting arrangement.

All types of trophy hunting and fowling will give you the possibility not only to feel yourself a hunter, but also to feel the atmosphere of early ages when hunting was considered the occupation of a real man. Do you want to feel yourself a hunter of the early Middle Ages when noble men hunted at the adjacent to the castle territories? No problem. You can also feel the atmosphere of the primitive hunting. Of, course we offer more safe and comfortable conditions for this.

While there is a comfort and hospitable atmosphere at guest houses, Russian bath is burning, you can enjoy boundless hunting grounds and devote yourself to your favourite occupation.

After that in the friendly atmosphere during dinner near fireplace one can tell about the hunting achievements and impression about fantastic pastime in Poozerie.

At any time of the year we are ready to suggest different types of hunting to our guests. You will like the combination of wild nature, excitement and comfort that Poozerie is famous for.