We strengthen friendship between our guests, we unite working staff, we put our guests in a good mood. The main thing is that we develop your idea about an ideal rest.

Do you know how does it work? There are no secrets, everything is very simple: friendly and cosy atmosphere, favourable nature for rest and a lot of suggestions for an interesting pastime. These three factors make the base Poozerie attractive to our guests and they immediately become our regular guests.

Working staff unity is very important task. And we know how to solve this task. All necessary conditions for holding memorable and original corporate events are created at base Poozerie. If your company doesn’t relate to the working staff, but also wants to have a good rest – no problem! We organize all kinds of occasions and cultural events. Individual approach to every event and every client is at our base.

If you want to escape from urban fuss and excessive activity, to enjoy the nature and comfort, we will suggest you to make a tour of the forest. You will take an unforgettable pleasure in contacting with nature, you will recover your strength and health.

What do you think of horse ride? The feeling of light-heartedness, gladness and enjoy of life will not leave you until the end of the ride.

At present, rest under the title “just to have a good night's rest” is very popular. We will skillfully create all necessary conditions in order you could recover your strength, fill with energy and simply have a rest in comfortable conditions. Rooms for 2-5 people with all necessary services, TV and audio are at your disposal.

 We have deduced a simple and at the same time exact formula: “Rest is the comfortable pastime. Comfortable pastime is the recreation base Poozerie”!