Rest in the countryside can not be replaced by any other kind of recreation. Only rest in the countryside far away from dusty streets, avenues and roads can restore human organism after working days and urban vanity.

But, it is not always profitable to have your own place for such a rest. Generally accepted set-offs to the common tourist bases commit to accept the situation that there will be hundreds of people at the same place around you who also wish to tear away from a noisy city.

In addition, common tourist bases don’t have hunting grounds. Hunting grounds considerably increase the quality of rest for hunting lovers.

Just at the moment when you search for compromise between crowded tourist bases and your own country estate, maintenance costs of which can spoil your rest, think about us.

Since 2004 we have given our guests a hearty welcome at the unique recreation base “Poozerie”, which is situated in Kanashi village, Gorodoksky district, Vitebsk region. Passive rest lovers come to us as well as inveterate fishermen and hunters. This is because comfort of guest houses goes with hunting and fishing excitement in Poozerie. Hunting grounds with the total area 27,2 thousand hectare and lake Plav with the total area 112 hectare ensure this excitement.

Trophy hunting, fowling and hunting with hounds – we can offer you any variant of hunting and you can choose the most interesting and usual or vice verse new and unknown for you.

There are three guest houses (for 2, 9 and 15 people) in Poozerie. There are rooms for 2-5 people with all necessary services, fireplace, TV, DVD, space television and music equipment in every house. That is why you can come alone or with your friends and nobody will prevent you from your rest. Imagine: just you and nature with its feature to deliver from negative thoughts, tiredness and even bad feel.

Without disturbing the primeval nature we can create comfort conditions for your stay in Poozerie. Kitchen with the necessary dishware, gas fryer and refrigerator, dining hall with fireplace which creates domestic atmosphere, and all other conditions that allow forget about different trifles but concentrate on high-quality rest, fascinating fishing and exciting hunting.